Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Son is home on leave,

and part of the morning was spent at the range shooting stuff he doesn't have in the Army*.

Which brings one thing to mind: when they were in the Kurdish territory, the mostly didn't carry rifles, just a M9 pistol and a magazine(in the pocket, can't carry it in the pistol); but from what he says the pistol training the infantry gets isn't exactly extensive. If they're going to have people- at times- depending on that pistol for their primary arm, they really need to add some more in-depth handgun training to the mix.

So just a few things I'll bitch and yell aboutmention today, starting with
US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was asked about the attacks, with ABC News interviewer Diane Sawyer posing the questions: "First of all, London. How serious is it? Any implication that it was coming here?"

After a long pause, Clapper replied, "London?"

Isn't that just terribly confidence inspiring?

The brave soldiers of Islam hide behind children while the crusaders take shots to the head to avoid putting them at risk.

Compare and contrast.

Personally, I'm damn glad and incredibly grateful that Sgt Williams and LCpl Murfitt are on our side

Congressional Democrats could not find the votes to pass "net neutrality." No problem. Three un-elected officials will impose rules on hundreds of millions of satisfied online consumers. A federal appeals court stops the FCC from employing authority over the Internet. Again, not a problem. Three out of five FCC commissioners can carve out some temporary wiggle room, because as any crusading technocrat knows, the most important thing is getting in the door.

It's not that we don't need the FCC's meddling, it's that we don't need the FCC at all. Rather than expanding the powers — which always seem to grow — of this outdated bureaucracy, Congress should be finding ways to eliminate it
Sounds good to me.

Yeah, things were SO much nicer before those nasty guns showed up...

After initially appearing to retreat in the face of the midterm onslaught, Barack Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson have decided to pursue an end-run strategy to impose regulation on energy producers regarding greenhouse-gas emissions. The move sets up a confrontation between the White House and Congress, which has already signaled a willingness to play hardball with Obama on regulatory innovation:
Let's see, he's already sent out Empty-Hat Salazar to say "No exploration or drilling in 'X' areas" and helped push oil prices up, now this; anybody belive he actually gives a rats ass how much damage his policies do to people in this country?
Note to Republicans: you don't oppose this crap in every way possible, your ass will be gone at the next election.

Last, a piece on the idiot academics and media people who have such a soft headspot for communism. One paragraph:
Two weeks ago, there was an Asia Society screening of a UN documentary about the trial of Comrade Duch, who ran one of the Khmer Rouge’s most infamous political prisons. Two women became upset during the Q&A session (about 37:00 into the linked video) that all this talk about torture and killing fields and retribution and memories of the dead had not been presented “in context.” You can guess what they meant, can’t you? That’s right: Big, Bad America had been an enabler for Pol Pot and his fellow-travelers, and apparently that was what we should have been getting worked up about. After all, Indochinese peoples are peaceable, guileless, grudge-free aspiring-Buddha types, so all that unpleasant torturing and executing isn’t the real story, and even if it were, we’d be in no moral position to criticize the Khmer Rouge. Yes, I’m caricaturing the view presented, but not by much. The response from the panel—pointing out that, among other things, the United States and Canada were among only five countries to condemn Cambodia’s human-rights abuses while they were happening—follows.

Later, folks. Bye

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Keith said...

If your son is interested in taking some bed time reading back for his pals,

Go to an internet caff with a memory stick, and google "Steve's pages" there's some good stuff there including a scan of Fairbairn's "Shoot to live" - the original book about point shooting.

Reason for doing it at an internet Cafe, there's a racist work there too - it spoils an otherwise interesting site.