Thursday, December 23, 2010

When I was first teaching the kids to drive, one of the warnings I gave them

was "Just because the machine you're on can do certain things, doesn't mean YOU can."
A Tempe man is hospitalized in extremely critical condition after his motorcycle ran into a light pole at nearly 160 mph in the central Arizona town of San Tan Valley.
The motorcyclist sped past a county sheriff’s deputy at 2:05 a.m. on a road where the posted speed limit is 45 mph. The deputy‘s radar gun clocked Calazo’s motorcycle at 157 mph.

Before a pursuit could begin, authorities say Calazo had crashed four miles away, hitting the concrete base of a traffic light pole.
So it took dumbass, oh, roughly 1.5 minutes to reach from where he was clocked to the pole.

I repeat, dumbass.
“The motorcycle was nearly disintegrated on impact and Calazo flew an additional 104 feet through the air before striking the ground,”
I wonder if he was conscious during the flight?


Arthur said...

"I wonder if he was conscious during the flight?"

Probably texting on his cellphone - "Dude, you'll never guess where I am!"

Keith said...

Late nomination for this years Darwins

Jay G said...

What's amazing is that he's still alive at all... Must have had one hell of a good suit.

And whatever lid he had, I want two...

Alan J. said...

My guess is that he was conscious and his thought was one long version of "Shiiiiiiiii..." WHAM! Too bad that he probably won't remember what happened if he ever wakes up. I feel sorry for his family, but the old saying goes that if you can't be good, at least be a good example.

Sigivald said...

If he survives, authorities say he’ll be facing charges of aggravated DUI, reckless driving and criminal speed.

Sounds about right, really.

"Speeding" is one thing; 157 in a 45 zone is another. That can get someone else killed.