Friday, December 24, 2010

Proving that Oklahoma has a full share of idiots who're being called

'teachers', we have this story of a teacher having a kid arrested for- well, go read it.


Country Boy said...

From the article: "she also had seen the teen writing on the desk with the marker". This alone is enough to justify the arrest. A 13 year old that writes on the desk with a permanent marker is nothing but a vandal. If the parents can't (or won't) teach him to respect public property, maybe the courts can. There are bad teachers out there, but this sounds more like a teacher that had to use the only tool at her disposal to discipline an out of control student.

Firehand said...

As I recall, the reports were that it bled through the paper, then we got the 'she also had seen'. In either case, putting the kid in jail over this is bullshit.

She couldn't send him to the office? Couldn't call the parents? Her ONLY tool was calling the cops? Unless there's a whole lot more that we don't know, I call bullshit.

Country Boy said...

My oldest daughter was a public school teacher for many years. She's now at a private school. I drew my conclusions from the stories she told us of her public school experience. If you send them to the office, the principal will lecture them and send them back. A call to the parents will result in the threat of a lawsuit for traumatizing their perfect little child. My daughter once had a grade schooler pull a plastic knife out of his pocket (it was one from the lunch room), look her in the eyes and tell her "If this was real I'd cut you". She told the principal. He said there was nothing he could do and to just ignore it. Discipline in school (and at home) is nothing like it was when we were young.

Firehand said...

No disagreement there; have a friend who taught in the area a few years back, and an awful lot of principals aren't worth crap.

Doesn't change that I think there had to be some other way than the cops to deal with this.