Monday, November 15, 2010

Corruption and stupids and liars,

Oh My!
Embattled New York Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel today defiantly demanded that the House Ethics Committee delay his pending public trial because he hasn't been given enough time to set up a defense fund to pay for legal representation.
Rangel also said that while he has asked repeatedly for the opportunity to clear his name, he only learned one week ago the details of the case
Oh come ON, Charles, do you really expect anybody to believe that? Especially when one of your Housemates says
"Mr. Rangel has repeatedly sought and received legal guidance as to how he can pay [for counsel]," said Lofgren. "Mr. Rangel was provided with all the material and evidence on June 17 of this year. .. "
I do believe your little friends have been made a bit nervous, what with all the tea parties and the election, about trying their usual 'cover up for Charlie' crap.

On to the stupid:
LARA CARTER has slept with 20 strangers in the past year - in a desperate and reckless bid to get pregnant.

The self-confessed "sperm hunter" uses ovulation kits to tell her when she is most fertile then pretends to be drunk, throwing herself at unsuspecting fellas and making it obvious she wants sex.

If Lara, 25, meets a man who wants to use a condom, she will offer one from her purse - which she has already pierced a hole in.

Lara, an assistant office manager, says: "This is absolutely the right time for me to have a baby and nothing is going to stand in my way.
I should have titled this 'the stupid and self-centered'. "Oh, all my friends have babies, I want one too! And nothing can stop me!"
Well, fate or Deity or whatever has stopped you so far, and as long as you're this level of dipshit we can only hope it continues. May not have occurred to you, but a baby isn't your damned little 'make me feel good' toy; it'll be an actual human being that demands a hell of a lot from you for a long time to come.

On to the liars:
DENAIR – 13-year-old Cody Alicea rides with an American flag on the back of his bike. He says he does this to be patriotic and to honor veterans, like his own grandfather, Robert. He’s had the flag on his bike for two months but Monday, was asked told to take it down.

A school official at Denair Middle School told Cody some students had been complaining about the flag and it was no longer allowed on school property.
Cody’s grandfather says the school was concerned about racial tensions or uprisings because of the flag. He feels if there was really a problem it should have been brought up two months ago, not during Veterans week
Here's the liar:
The school’s superintendent is now saying that the boy was told to remove the flag out of concerns for his safety, and that the school will now allow him to fly it again.
As Malkin notes, if this had been a Mexican flag or something similar, anybody believe the school would've banned it? As to the 'student complaints' screw 'em; who wants to bet against the complaints being from hispanics?

Also in this category,
At the same time, the coalition wants to signal to the Taliban – along with Afghans and regional partners who fear a coalition withdrawal, and Republicans in Congress who oppose it – that they are not leaving anytime soon.

“We have to assemble a coherent narrative . . . that everyone buys into,” said a senior administration official, one of several who discussed ongoing alliance negotiations on the condition of anonymity
Yeah, I wouldn't want my name associated with that bit of crap either. Very fancy way to say
"We don't actually want to win, but we don't have the balls to say that outright."

And the big one in this category(today at least),
One of the Beltway’s most influential, entrenched and unaccountable left-wing radicals, Browner has now been called out twice by President Obama’s own federal BP oil spill commission and Interior Department inspector general.
First, the BP oil spill panel dinged her for disseminating misleading information to the public about the scope of the disaster.
This week, the Interior Department inspector general singled out Browner’s office for butchering peer-reviewed scientists’ conclusions in a key report about the administration’s preordained deepwater drilling moratorium. The scientists first blew the whistle on the administration’s monkey business this summer (pdf here). A federal judge sided with the misrepresented scientists and blasted the Interior Department’s big green lie that its moratorium was “peer-reviewed” and endorsed by “seven experts identified by the National Academy of Engineering.”

Oh, bleeping Deity on a pogo stick, how effing stupid/incompetent ARE these people? And why are they wearing badges?
(after some backfires)But Thursday night, Ransom, concerned that the vehicle might catch fire, stepped out of the van about the time the two officers arrived to investigate and began firing.

Ransom could only stand with his hands in the air and yell that he was not shooting.

“I guess they couldn’t hear me,” Ransom said Friday.

Besides the damage to Ransom’s van, windows of the patrol car were also shot out — apparently by the officers as they got out of the patrol car.

Police and media reports initially described the incident as the police car being hit by a bullet fired from a suspect in the van.
The level of 'fail' demonstrated by these two morons is- well, just about indescribable.

I'm going to end this with Tam's suggestions for how to deal with TSA(Touch Squealy Areas?):
1) When the groper approaches, shake your head, point at the most attractive member of the checkpoint staff and say in a dreamy voice "No, I want them to do it!"

2) Ask the groper's name so that you can shout it out for added verisimilitude: " [groper's name here]Oh, yes! Oh,! Oh, God, yes!"

3) Get a panicky look on your face and mutter "Two by two, hands of blue. Two by two, hands of blue..." over and over.

4) If you're a male, turn your head and cough.


locksmith rockville md said...

““Accordingly, I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President.”
I was on a bus in a Kalamazoo road stop on the way back from canvassing in Wisconsin for Gene McCarthy when I saw this come up on the TV screen in a Big Boy, if memory serves….
The high point in my political life, up to that moment. The real high point would come in Chicago at the Convention when I was McCarthy National Staff and dropped fishbones and ashtrays on the Chicago cops 15 floors below me in the Hilton Hotel. They came up a few hours later with a shovel holding the fishbones and broken ashtrays—-I was locked in my hotel room and slept through the whole affair. You can read about it in Making of the President, 1968, pp. 308-309…!

Windy Wilson said...

Turn my head and cough...
Towards or away from the agent?