Thursday, November 18, 2010

Something I hadn't previously considered about the Dick-Measuring Machines

TSA is so proud of:
I've worked as an electron microscopy tech and while there was extremely little risk of radiation, I still had to wear a monitoring badge just in case. Why aren't the TSA agents? We also had to have out equipment inspected and calibrated regularly, with the inspection info clearly visible. Again, if this were the case with TSA, I might feel a little better. However, until third-party unbiased tests come out, I'll be opting out and reporting TSA agents doing pat-downs for sexual assault and battery - what you claim is protocol and what go on are two very different things.
That is a damn good point, I think. I mean, hell, police are supposed to be able to show that the bloody speedguns are checked and properly calibrated, so...

And he's not kidding about the 'sexual assault and battery', either.


Anonymous said...

Back when I was working for one of those evil gov agencies, I worked on several different X-Ray machines. All of us were issued rad-badges. These were collected once a year to be scanned.
The point of this story is that we were told to never allow the badge to pass through the X-Ray machines
in use at the airports at that time.
And by time I left everybody had pretty much switched to the backscatter type machine, but we still were told not to let our badges pass through the machines.

Phelps said...

There's also no "radiation on" light on the machine. Know why? It's always on. And the mouth-breathing blueshirts spend all day walking through them, and I've seen more than a few just idly leaning against the inside of it.

It's going to be rough justice when the outbreak of melanoma hits them hard in 1-5 years.