Sunday, July 18, 2010

I look around and what do I find?

Another piece of liberal misogyny, but don't worry: they're crapping all over a 'proper' bad woman, so it's ok.
Although the prospect of Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher may have pleased some admirers of the Conservative former prime minister, her children have been horrified to discover more about the film.

Mandrake hears that the screenplay of The Iron Lady depicts Baroness Thatcher as an elderly dementia-sufferer looking back on her career with sadness. She is shown talking to herself and unaware that her husband, Sir Denis Thatcher, has died
The same people who claim conservatives dislike women, etc., just can't wait to piss all over a woman who didn't fit into a proper liberal, progressive box. Streep, you're a bitch. In a very bad way.

I find that youths of the Religion of Submission are once again rioting and burning in France because a RoS armed robber was killed by police.
Muslim youths torched 50-60 cars, attacked a train and fired on police with automatic weapons following the death of a young Muslim man who robbed a casino.
Trams and buses were also held up by gangs brandishing baseball bats and bars, and a service station was looted.

I find another of the wonderful side effects of Obamacare is coming out:
The plans, being tested in places like San Diego, New York and Chicago, are likely to appeal especially to small businesses that already provide insurance to their employees, but are concerned about the ever-spiraling cost of coverage.

But large employers, as well, are starting to show some interest, and insurers and consultants expect that, over time, businesses of all sizes will gravitate toward these plans in an effort to cut costs.

The tradeoff, they say, is that more Americans will be asked to pay higher prices for the privilege of choosing or keeping their own doctors if they are outside the new networks. That could come as a surprise many who remember the repeated assurances from President Obama and other officials that consumers would retain variety of health-care choices
Yeah, you'll be able to keep your doctor, your plan. If you can afford it. If they're still around.

A little more turns up on Obama's latest appointed communist:
But before we get to that, it’s important to flesh out what Berwick has in mind when he talks about rationing. His praise of NICE is significant. The apparatchiks of that soulless health care bureaucracy have, quite literally, calculated how much money a single year of the average Brit’s life is worth (about $45,000). And if a patient needs treatment or drugs that exceed that amount, he’s out of luck. Consequently, the British news media are full of stories like those of Jack Rosser and Albert Baxter, both of whom were denied cancer drugs. The former is only alive today because an American benefactor came to his rescue. The latter killed himself when informed that he would not receive treatment.

Are the views of Obama’s new CMS administrator really so extreme that he actually approves of a health care system that rations care so callously? Absolutely. In fact, the word “approve” is something of an understatement. Berwick has publicly stated that he loves it, a sentiment that he has also put in writing: “I am romantic about the National Health Service; I love it.” Even worse, he goes on to say that his affection for Great Britain’s socialized medical system is inspired by his loathing for its American counterpart: “All I need to do to rediscover the romance is to look at health care in my own country.” This doesn’t leave much doubt about where Berwick stands on rationing and what sort of rationing he favors.
As CEO of this enterprise, Dr. Berwick earned a cool $2.3 million in 2008. But, more to the point, IHI will provide him with private health care coverage during his declining years: “The Institute created a postretirement health benefit plan for its chief executive officer (CEO). It provides the CEO and his spouse medical insurance from retirement until death.”

In other words, Dr. Berwick has made sure that he and his wife will never be subjected to the tender mercies of Medicare, the health care program for seniors over which he now has control. Thus, even after he has implemented rationing programs modeled after those of NICE, he won’t have to worry about his wife suffering for lack of drugs deemed too pricey by some obscure comparative effectiveness calculation

I find that the NAACP has no problem with racism and bigotry; as long as it's racism and bigotry they approve of:
"Any Negro leader who is against these brothers for what they have done... I pray to the almighty God that from this night forward...there will be war on every 'so-called negro' that don't want to u-nite for the benefit of all of our people."

I find(thanks to Kevin) that the Geek has a piece you should read, which includes(stealing the part Kevin quoted):
A generation before the American Revolution, the English philosopher John Locke dug a deep well from which the waters of liberty are drawn, laying out the manner in which explicit, finite, enumerated Powers can be delegated by the People to government, while reserving all other prerogatives to themselves.

A generation later, the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau poisoned, pissed and shat into that well, restating the social compact with key bits sabotaged to support collectivism and the oppression of the individual by the allegedly infallible democratic will of the people.

The refutation of this point is a simple question: "Is there any process of democracy that will justly allow you to rape another against their will?"

If the answer is no, then there are limits to what the democratic will of the people can justly enable, and the remainder of the argument is about where those limits are, and by what process/axiom/principle they are discovered or established.

If the answer is yes, I don't want to know you, it'd be best for you never to encounter me

It's been a long, hot, busy day; I need a shower and bed. I will note that I discovered something this afternoon: Son's unit is rotating back to the US soon, and I'm going to drive his truck and some of his & the wife's stored stuff to them. In preparation I've been going over things and found it's been long enough that the coolant needed to be changed. So I found a gallon of suitable stuff(two, counting the water) and opened the hood and discovered the radiator on his truck has no cap. At all. It uses the overflow tank as both that and the filler. I just stood there for a minute going "Whiskey tango FOXTROT?"

It made changing the stuff interesting.


martywd said...

OT: A pretty good read over at American Thinker this a.m.

Windy Wilson said...

That always was the trick to the health care revolution. If you like your plan, you can keep it, so long as it is offered. Your only option, though, is to keep it as long as it's available, or go into the government program. Aetna policy holders could not move to Blue Cross.

As to the riot in France, didn't the Texas Rangers once have a sort of unoffical motto, "One Ranger, one riot"?
If you uncork deadly force on others as in these riots, you should expect some serious harm in return. I think the French are sending too many police to deal with the rioters (the image of the armored car at the soccer game in Michael Collins notwithstanding).

Firehand said...

Don't know if they're sending too many; big problem seems to be that the ones they do send aren't actually dealing with the bad guys.