Saturday, July 24, 2010

News Flash For Idiots: Just because it lives in a park

doesn't mean you can screw with it.

What the hell is wrong with these people?


Dick said...

I love stupid people.
They give us crap to write about.
Cause lord knows, my life ain't that interesting.

Windy Wilson said...

I wonder if the thought process that concludes that a newspaper couldn't print something if it weren't true and a store couldn't sell something if it didn't work (penis enlarging pills, anyone?) isn't at work here, with something like, "I paid money to come to this park, that animal is right there, in the open, the park wouldn't be allowed to do this if it weren't safe, and besides, I saw something like this on TV."

Firehand said...

That they do. Every year you get at least one idiot stomped or gored at the refuge outside Lawton because they think the buff calves are just so CUTE, and I need a REAL closeup...

Windy, I hadn't thought of that. Might be.