Friday, June 04, 2010

If I were in the Israeli government,

considering we've got 'journalists' like this saying things like this, and a lot of idiots- some well- meaning and some Jew-hating fools- in government agreeing with her, I think I'd
A: Next blockade runners get met with all necessary force; no more Mr. Please Stop Condemning Us No Matter What.
B: "Mr. President, we're not going to commit suicide for you just because it would make Rev. Wright and Calypso Louie happy; get used to it."
C: "Attention world: this nation will do what is has to to survive; we suggest you think long and hard about what that means if you attack us. We're tired of being marked for extinction, and we're not going."

And would somebody explain to me why that bigoted fool Thomas is still allowed to sit in those press meetings?

Added: Does this- can't really find a proper descriptive- Thomas have no freakin' idea where the Jewish people originally came from? Or doesn't it matter to this hateful bitch and those she speaks for?

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Phelps said...

Well, in all fairness, she didn't say what she really feels, which is that she wants them all under Poland.