Sunday, May 30, 2010

Combine the peaceful, reasonable palistinian bastards with union thugs and what do you get?

While filming a public demonstration on a public sidewalk, my husband was approached by Ali Mallah -- the Vice President of the Canadian Arab Federation, and high ranking member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)/Canadian Labour Congress.

Mallah recognized my husband, crossed the street, and verbally and physically assaulted him
I want to know why the police didn't handcuff him and drag his ass to jail.

Of course, this is Canada. Which also has crap like this:
She was alarmed, therefore, when she saw a May 7 Globe and Mail article that described the Teehans’ plans [to make their home wheelchair accessible]. The article, prompted by Geoff Teehan’s blog, was accompanied by renderings of a blocky 2,250-square-foot contemporary home.

The article discussed Melissa Teehan’s condition [she is a quadroplegic]. Brown nonetheless contacted Councillor Sandra Bussin to register her disapproval.

“When you go up against something like that, it’s very awkward,” Brown says. “Of course it is. But I haven’t launched a campaign to fight this man and his wife. My heart goes out to them and their situation; I’m empathetic to the family. I just don’t think the two issues are the same issues. I’m not fighting to prevent her from something, even though they’ve been clear they’d like to build this house to help her with access because of her paralysis. I’m trying to preserve a home that adds character and beauty to my neighbourhood for future generations to enjoy. So: I don’t wish them any harm. I just want to protect that house.”

Translation: "Damn you, cripple, I don't want you to change that house! I don't care if you can't walk, no wheelchair ramp for you!"
Aren't caring progressives wonderful?

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