Monday, March 22, 2010

I seem to be turning into a test & report site

I wrote to Remington about the inconsistency of some of the .22 ammo lately, and they, unlike S&W, replied. Sent a shipping label & instructions to return the stuff for testing.

We'll see what they find.


K DeVine said...

remington 22 ammo is the ONLY ammo that has misfired for me.

Firehand said...

I've had problems with three: Rem Golden Bullet(variable) Rem Yellow Box back when they made it, and the Winchester Wildcat. Yellow Box and WIldcat were about ten years ago, worst of any I'd ever tried.

Last while I've had very few from the Golden Bullet, but lots of variable power; interesting tradeoff

Firehand said...

And some Russian Vostok target ammo: doesn't always go bang, dirty, and sometimes sticky as hell to eject