Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Few of the pertinent comics

found at Theo's

Had the radio on a minute ago and Glenn Beck was railing about "Do NOT do ANYTHING that can even be perceived as violent, etc., because the Socialist Party WANTS you to." Etc. Which brought to mind a quesiton:
Since the Socialist Party(formerly Democrat Party) is going to ignore anything we say or do, they're going to lie about us and foment violence against us, since the major media will buy into and push those lies, since corrupt officials will attempt to ignore the violence, etc., it brings us the the question: what's really to lose if we DO do something 'nasty'? They're going to call us names? Make false charges? Try to ruin us? Hell, they're doing that NOW.

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Mattexian said...

Really, what's to lose? They're already accusing us of using the "N-word" (I didn't know gangsta rappers were Republicans?) As seen with the Window War and Mike Vanderboegh, they can at least spell our names right.