Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The sky is clear, the wind is strong out of the south this time,

and it's supposed to be back up to 50 today; outdoors I will be later today.

In the meantime,
As Insty puts it, because the 'art' world is full of cowards who act very brave toward those they know cannot or will not harm them; but face them with bloody-handed barbarians who will, or who they just fear will...
Added: words from Steyn:
Few industries congratulate themselves on their "courage" and "bravery" more incessantly than artists and journalists — at least when it comes to plays about a gay Jesus, or joining the all-star singalong for Rock Against Bush. But it's easy to be provocative with people who can't be provoked. Faced with an opportunity to demonstrate real courage, the arts and the media shrivel up like a bunch of dying pansies.

Democrat thugs protecting the annointed from any nasty media types who'll ask actual questions. Please note the update:
UPDATE: McCormack says it's a consultant the DNC brought in to the race; a DNC spokesman didn't immediately respond to a question about the incident.
Not 'denied', not 'laughed at', 'didn't immediately respond'; you get the feeling someone knows this here internets lets people spread the word fast, and a blunt lie won't be simply covered up by friendly major media anymore.

On the subject of Coakley, a bit more from Malkin on her life as a- well, would it be 'hooker' or 'pimp'? Or both? I mean, she's sold herself and buys others, so... Interesting, even some of the union people helping out don't like her and won't vote for her.

Ah, socialism, is there anything and anyplace it can't eff up? Especially with a clown like Chavez in charge.

Yeah, I heard about the earthquake that swatted Haiti; bad news.

A bit of a Climaquiddick timeline at Watts Up.

Putin wants it both ways, doesn't he?
“In addition to the global warming challenges, we need to address 'global cooling' effects and to do so promptly,” he said.

Actually, I think describing Rudd & Co. as 'retarded' was the right. Along with 'socialist' and 'uncaring' and 'tyrannical'. And this is just what Obama & Waxman & Co. would love to do to us. Hell, it's happened in Californicated, and the EPA has screwed people over just as badly with 'wetlands' bullshit.

"What? It's NOT melting? The water temperature isn't higher? But we said it was!"

Looks like a lot of people in MA are sick of the Barney Frank & Co. system of corru- er, government.
"This man is the only thing that can stop the socialists from taking over this country. He is our last and only hope. So, I'm putting my money where my mouth is this time. $200 is all I've got to spare, but it's Scott Brown's if he wants it. I'm sending it to him so he can kick some a** in the Senate and put those damn fools on notice that Americans are not going to take their socialist crap anymore. I'm fired up, I'm donating, I want that man to beat back those socialists and get them all Hell".

Pictures from Mars, freakin' cool.

What? Clowns in government wanting to screw retirees?
Anybody actually surprised?

Want a real good idea of just how bad the Obama and general progressive weenies are screwing things up?
They are of the mindset that the war against radical Islamists is nothing more then a law enforcement issue. Former Vice President Dick Cheney has said it repeatedly along with a small minority of Republican lawmakers, but as Mitch McConnell discovered on his recent trip to Afghanistan, we have reached an absurd level now.
He said at one point he asked a general about policies and the general "didn't want to answer the question without turning to his lawyer, who was also in the room."

There's just no damned telling how many people are going to die because of this shit.

Lovely people in Hamas, aren't they? And the Israelis are supposed to TRUST these bastards? And act like they can deal with them in good faith?


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GuardDuck said...

“In addition to the global warming challenges, we need to address 'global cooling' effects and to do so promptly,” he said.

I like it! I can reduce my carbon footprint by 100 lbs of CO2 to prevent globular warming.

Then to prevent global cooling I can increase my footprint by 100 lbs of CO2.

I feel like a better person already and am starting to look down my nose at you little people who aren't doing their part for the environment.