Friday, January 15, 2010

Hey, union members; you like the way your leaders sold you out

for the sake of a few years exemption from the tax? Well, the rest of us don't like this crap at all; your bosses are throwing everybody else in the country into the trash for the sake of buying favor with these corrupt politicians, AND WE DON'T LIKE IT.

I don't care what you think of your union, screw you AND your union.

Oh, and you think this exemption will last? You think you won't wind up paying this one way or another? Then you're too damn stupid to vote.

I repeat: if this bill is passed in any form, we should go to DC, drag a bunch of people out of those taxpayer-supplied offices and introduce them to tar and feathers. And some of them to ropes.

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martywd said...

When I still lived in the Northeast, for a year or so I was using Verizon's DSL service (it sucked).   Anyway.   Verizon offered newsgroups one could only access on Network which users could go to, to gripe about, well, Verizon, among other things.   This time frame also being in the middle of the Bush Admin and the Iraq war, politics was of course part of the entertainment to be had if you were a political junkie like myself.   I recall in one thread a back and forth about an upcoming national election with who was going to vote for who(m?)

Someone ask one of the prominent pro-Union poster's who he was going to vote for?   The pro-Union guy responded:

"I don't know.   'They' haven't told us yet".