Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Female or male, go listen to what Breda has to say

'Don't open the door'.

As a connected matter, if someone tries to make you stop your car, don't. During the Los Angeles "We didn't get what we want so we'll burn the place down" riot, we all saw Denney trying to be nice about being blocked, and being crippled for life by a bunch of thugs. There was a bit of footage of one woman forced to stop who, after a couple of her windows were broken, took off; probably the only reason she stayed intact.

Back when daughter was learning to drive I gave her the advice about not letting somebody make her stop. Her question was "What do I do?"
"You've inside a ton-and-a-half of car with at least eighty horsepower; drive."
"What if they don't move?"
"Then you drive over them. And keep going; paperwork can be taken care of later."


Sigivald said...

Yup. The car always wins.

(Like when it's car vs. road tractor or train, the car always loses...)

Anonymous said...

Been there done that. Forty years ago I got caught in an anti-war "protest". The "protesters" were trying to tip my car, a '62 Valiant station wagon, over with me in it. Put 'er in 1st gear and hit the gas. When that spinning rear wheel hit the pavement the car lurched forward, ran over two patchouli soaked idiots and knocked another two or three ass over teakettle into the street. I've yet to hear a thing about it. That afternoon I started looking for a bigger, meaner, heavier car. I found one about a week later, a supremely ugly metallic olive '59 Corn Binder Travel-All 4WD with a V-8 and limited slip differentials. No one ever tried tipping General Sherman over. That beast was as close to a street legal tank as a vehicle can get without being mil-spec.

When driving The General, I never again worried about traffic, protesters, no road, blizzards, floods, washed out bridges or other minor inconveniences.

The General got exactly half the gas mileage of the Valiant, 15mpg. Gas cost less than two bits a gallon, and I didn't care, still don't. The General had 49 gallons of stock tankage, and with 3 surplus jerry cans, I had 64 gallons, or 960 miles on a $16.00 fill up.

Remember the formula kids: Mass times Horsepower plus Four Wheel Drive equals Right of Way.

Gerry N.

Windy Wilson said...

The car is considered a deadly weapon just as a firearm.
"I feared for my life" is just as pertinent.