Monday, January 11, 2010

Kevin has his take on the latest 'Guns Are Evil!' bit

from the CSM up. He's got the full breakdown, including how the cops in Baltimore are doing a very smart thing:
"No, what the cops in Baltimore are doing now is what the NRA has been advocating for decades - enforcing the laws on the books, and in spite of the title of the CSM article they're not "targeting guns," they're targeting criminals:
"If you start boiling down the violence in Baltimore – the homicides and the nonfatal shootings – you find that 50 percent of all the people we charge with those offenses have one thing in common: They have gun offenses in their backgrounds," Mr. Bealefeld says. "And we know that when bad guys get out, they get guns again. They don't work for IBM. They don't hand out Bibles. They stand outside with guns waiting to perpetrate another crime."

And so, Bealefeld says, he has made it clear whom his officers should be targeting.

"I don't aim to make [it] all that complicated," he says. "Find out all we can about gun offenders and focus on those guys."
(My emphasis.) Those guys, not "those guns."

I'm just going to say something about this summation of the "We must DO SOMETHING" crap:
Thus, our public policy goal should be to restrict the sale and possession of all handguns to those who can demonstrate a legitimate law enforcement purpose or can guarantee that the use of such guns will be limited to participation in a regulated sporting activity. Handgun ownership that advances reasonable law enforcement purposes must be permitted. Individuals with a professional need to have a licensed gun - law enforcement officers, gun collectors, some business owners and certain other professional groups - will continue to keep handguns on business premises or for use on the job. The rest of us, however, must give them up.
Let's see, where have we heard this before... Oh yeah, every time Obama and Holder and Pelosi and the hypocrites Feinstein and Boxer and a bunch of other politicians and GFWs open their mouths: "You peasants cannot be trusted with arms, only minions of the State and a few approved persons can be allowed to have them. And then only in places and times and manners that we approve of.

Until we decide to disapprove of ALL of them."
Oh yeah, we've heard all this before. Over and over and over. This one is slightly further along than most, of police only those 'licensed' to have one will be allowed; apparently these clowns think the situation in (fG)Britain is just peachy.

And don't you just love that line Handgun ownership that advances reasonable law enforcement purposes must be permitted.
What the HELL does that mean, anyway? Do they even know? Or did it just sound good to them so they threw it in? Or is this their "Only police who we decide can be trusted enough will be allowed to be licensed to carry a firearm" idea and this is how they express it?

Yeah, we've heard all this before.

And I can't pass this up, either:
As this tragedy has unfolded, how has the gun industry responded? It has refused to make guns safer. It has failed to market and distribute its products in a way calculated to keep guns out of the hands of children and criminals. It has reacted to a saturated market by creating new products with greater killing power and by attempting to expand its market to women and children.
Let's see...
'Refused to make guns safer' how? With demands like those of NJ for guns to have features that don't freakin' exist?
They can only sell complete firearms and receivers to federally licensed dealers- NOT individuals- who can only sell to people who pass the NICS check and- in a bunch of places- whatever the local laws call for; which means THEY CAN'T LEGALLY BE SOLD TO CRIMINALS OR CHILDREN, YOU MORON.
'New products with greater killing power'? Facts, please. Maybe they mean the .460S&W Mag, although compared to a lot of rifles- let alone a 12 gauge- it's not of 'greater killing power'.
Yes, a lot more women are shooting now, quite legally, for sport and self-defense. For the idiot comment about 'children', see above about how DEALERS CAN'T SELL TO CHILDREN.
And, for that matter, if the market was 'saturated' there wouldn't be any need for new and improved, would there?

Geez, there's not a damn thing new in this, just- as Kevin says- More leftist language manipulation

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Windy Wilson said...

Since these people seem to think the National Socialists were right-wing and conservative, I've taken the liberty of translating their key words into a language that can reveal to them the totalitarian nature of their ideas.

Handgun ownership that advances reasonable law enforcement purposes must be permitted.

Pistolebesitz, der angemessene Gesetzdurchf├╝hrungzwecke voranbringt, muss die Erlaubnis gehabt werden.

I'd do it into Russian, too, but a. I'm not sure if the blog program will support cyrillic, and b. these Leftist scum for some reason still belive the Soviets to be well intentioned and somehow benign in the execution (sorry) of their programs.