Monday, August 10, 2009

You know, it must have griped the Obama Administration no end

to have it pointed out "There was no coup."
In a welcome about-face, the State Department told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's Richard Lugar, R-Ind., in a letter Tuesday that the U.S. would no longer threaten sanctions on Honduras for ousting its president, Mel Zelaya, last June 28.

Nor will it insist on Zelaya's return to power. As it turns out, the U.S. Senate can't find any legal reason why the Honduran Supreme Court's refusal to let Zelaya stay in office beyond the time allowed by Honduran law constitutes a "military coup."

Well, geez, it took them this damn long to decide that? We have a real bunch of geniuses up there in DC, don't we?


Bob S. said...

It is really sad that a schmuck like me can figure this out weeks before the egg heads in Washington.

Sad...can we fire them for incompetence and start again?

Anonymous said...

The people in DC have to take a vote to decide whether they have to shit or piss.

Anonymous said...

Probably finally figured out that Honduras wasn't paying any attention to the whinning of tthe commies in DC.

Art said...

Yeah, We seem to be electing genius types for so long now, it's really helped the economy, your neighbor, your family. Soon it's going to help your wallet. Or should I say, help themselves to your wallet.