Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sen. Arlen Specter(Turncoat Jackass-PA) had a town hall

a couple of days ago, and I've been thinking about some of the bits I've heard from it(which proved he really is a sphincter, but there wasn't really any question about that). And I think it's(among other things) proof of the mistake of letting these clowns stay in office too long. It causes them to take that 'Most Exclusive Club In The World' crap about the Senate seriously, which leads to all kinds of other nonsense. Like thinking they are the nobles of the country and us peasants should shut up and let them rule.

Think about this jerk standing in front of the people who vote and saying I could be somewhere else. I don’t get any extra pay — I don’t have any requirement to be here. But for somebody –

CROWD: [Angry murmuring] You work for us! You report to us!

SPECTER: Okay, okay, number — well, I am reporting to you...
Specter apparently doesn't think that the does work for those people who vote; otherwise he'd realize there IS a requirement for him to be there; any employee is required to answer to the boss when there are questions, or a problem with his job performance, but Specter and a whole lot of other politicians have forgotten that. They're so used to pulling crap like the per diem scam that's come out(I wonder how much of our money these thieves have stolen over the years with this alone?), to having the others cover for them(think the tax evaders like Dodd and Rangel will ever actually face justice?) that they really think we should all stay out of their way and shut up; remember that video of Rangel telling someone to 'mind his own goddamn business'?

And now they've managed to piss off a lot of people enough that they're taking time from work or from home and raising hell about it. And how do a lot of these bozos react? By insulting the people, by threatening them, in some cases by having union thugs show up to threaten and beat people.
Meet Elston K. McCowan. McCowan is a one-time organizer, and now the Public Service Director of SEIU Local 2000. He is also a board member of the Walbridge Community Education Center in St. Louis., Allegedly a Baptist minister he has been a community organizer for more than 23 years. Last year, he ran for Mayor of the City of St. Louis under the Green Party banner, during which time he accused the Democrat Mayor of setting fire to his van and called Slay a racist.


It was Elston McCowan who accosted Ken Gladney, who is also black, at the Carnahan town meeting in St. Louis Thursday night with the words, “Why is a nigger handing out ‘Don’t tread on me’ flags?"

Shortly after that, McCowan and several other SEIU thugs and Carnahan supporters ganged up on Ken Gladney and beat him so badly they put him in the hospital with injuries to his knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face. McCowan has since been arrested by the St. Louis police for assaulting Gladney
These are the bastards the current administration calls on to try to force an unpopular bill down our throats. When they're not calling us unAmerican for daring to protest, when they're not packing the audience and playing games with the media to stir things up. When they're not calling us political terrorists for daring to speak out.

At this point, I think we not only need term limits, we need to start the limits on a bunch of them with tar and feathers.

Or maybe a flagrum...


Fire said...


Term limits are long overdue!

Anthony said...

I very much disagree with term limits for a few reasons.

1. Term limits remove the power from the people. With term limits, politicians are not in any way accountable to their constituents, as they do not have to be re-elected.

2. Since their time in DC is limited, term limits will tend to foster a lot of cronyism and favors to lobbyists in return for a sweet job with those lobbyists when their term is expired.

Term limits are, and should be enforced at the polls. The 17th amendment should be repealed, and return the election of senators to the States instead of the people so senators will be more focused on representing their states instead of being re-elected.

What is happening with the town hall meetings now is what we need more of; an involved and vocal citizenry reminding our elected reps that we ARE paying attention, and we WILL vote them out if necessary.

Consider that the democrats do not need ANY bi-partisan support to pass their health care bill. So if that is so, why isn't it a done deal? Ask yourself what they are so afraid of. The tide is turning.

Anonymous said...

Arlen Specter. Has there ever been a greater master of self-engineered irrelevance?

Fire said...

Anthony nailed it on the head. More people need to raise hell over this bullshit...maybe, just maybe it might do some good.

Firehand said...

Anthony, I don't particularly like the idea myself. Trouble is, they've set up the rules so as to make it really hard, in may cases, for someone to seriously challenge them for office. And on your point 2, hell, they do that NOW.

I do agree that a lot of the insults and bullcrap we're hearing is because they're seriously shaken by actually being challenged, and by who's doing it. Some of them may actually get the idea