Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Now, THIS is spreading the word

"You know you're wrong for that poster, right?" The lady asked, eyeing Representative Bobby Rush's face under the prominent words "I Sold Out to White Politicians . . . ." It didn't surprise Illinois Carry representative "Dr. G" that she took offense; the poster is obviously meant to be too provocative to ignore. What's surprising, he says, is the number of people at a Chicago event who made a point of signing his petition for concealed carry reform. He wasn't at a gun show or a gun-rights rally, after all. For only the second year, Illinois gun rights groups including the ISRA, Illinois Carry, and the Second Amendment Sisters, joined by civil rights group CORE Chicago, had purchased space at the Black Women's Expo in Chicago.

At the Gun Rights Examiner


Don said...

You know, when I saw the title in my Blog List feed, I thought for just a moment "I wonder?"

I'm glad you liked it.

Firehand said...

I like it very much; this is getting the word out to people who need to hear it.

Fire said...

AMEN on that!