Sunday, August 09, 2009

Aren't those union members wonderful?

Giving member's money to The One? Sucking up to the socialists? Beating up people who have the nerve to disagree with what Obama and his Flying Monkeys want?

Two things are liable to happen: One is that some thugs are going to attack somebody and find out the hard way that a lot of these states have CCW laws. Oops.
Second is the survivors and the union and Pelosi & Co. are going to scream and yell that the tea party protesters are committing murder, etc. And with the major media on their side, that's all a lot of people will hear.

This is liable to get REAL nasty. And I think Obama will like it that way. For a while.

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Phelps said...

They are brownshirts, pure and simple, and I'm about two more violent instances from treating them like the Germans should have treated the brownshirts in 1921.