Saturday, May 09, 2009

Well, hell

Some friends and I were going to another friends' house this morning to help clean up some storm damage(limbs down, etc.). Since the 20% chance of rain today just turned into "IT'S RAINING AGAIN!!!", that's out.

At least I got the mowing and pruning and chipping done yesterday, when it was "Jump up and start swimming" humid but not actually raining.


the pistolero said...

"Jump up and start swimming" humid Could be worse. You could be down on the coast where it's like that from late April to about November every year. ;-) At least we get advance warning for hurricanes, though. Your tornadoes offer no such luxury.

Fire said...


At least I'm not the only one with a Saturday blown partially to hell. Have you ever heard of a dog being kick out of obedience class? Now this is just too funny. Here's how it goes:

"Ma'am, we feel that since he is unwilling to cooperate, it would be best that he be allowed to, how to put this?, do his own thing somewhere else. That's what he does anyway." (He looks up as if he is the most innocent dog in the world) Then you find yourself sitting in the car with a 40 pound dog laying on your lap. You have to laugh like crazy at a situation like that. You then find yourself driving to McDonald's to get the poor, misbehaved, misunderstood, out of control dog a happy meal because the woman at the class said, "He's HORRIBLE!", right in front of him! Little did she know he turned to give the class of dogs and their owners a look of, "SUCKER!" before he walked out, wagging his tail like crazy and jumping up and down in the parking lot like he was just released from death row.

Have you ever heard anything like that? SHEEESH! It sure is a funny story!

The response to the rude woman in the class is for another day.

Fire said...

typo: kicked

Word Verification: MIDOL (oh that is hilarious!)

Firehand said...

Remind me to time any visits to your neighborhood in, oh, December to March.

The dog? Booted from obedience school? Damn, that must have taken some doing.

Fire said...

The bad thing is he didn't do anything out of the ordinary. He was just being his happy, little, outta control self. That's my boy!