Saturday, May 09, 2009

That yard was taken care of after all

because about half an hour after I posted, it stopped. And the clouds broke. So I went over, and we got quite a bit done. Dead limbs cut up, live pruned and all hauled around for big trash pickup, and the rather tall grass mowed. And, happily, I don't seem to have picked up any ticks during the work.

Now it's overcast again, so we'll see about tomorrow.


Fire said...

One of the dogs that I have been feeding at the river had about 150 ticks on her. I pulled one out of her eye. They are really bad this season. What you need it the Repel Max spray with Deet. That's what I use and it works. All the insects will leave you alone then.

Fire said...

damn, I can't type worth a...nevermind.

What you need IS...there, that's much better. My OCD is kicking in. LOL!

og said...

And now you're sore. Hope you have lots of Ben Gay.