Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I spent part of the day helping a friend try out a new design

That's Oren*, and the shiny can on the end of the barrel is the prototype of the suppressor design he's worked out. The expression is due to asking the dog what the hell it's doing(no, it did not pee on my leg). It(the can, not the dog) weighs a touch over six ounces, and it works.

As in, with subsonic ammo, the shot itself was a mild 'tick', much quieter than the sound of the bullet striking the target and backstop fifteen yards away; downright impressive. Yes, I want one when he's able to start producing them.

So the day was spent trying this out, talking and helping him take care of some things. Time well spent, I'd say.

*Had a question in comments, thought I'd add this: he's a NFA-licensed gunsmith(link above and on the sidebar), and yes, he had the license before he even put pen to paper


Fire said...

What was the dog doing? :)

I was able to buy four boxes of ammo today. I actually felt like I had won the lottery. And the new subcompact I got is AWESOME!

martywd said...

How is that silencer attached to the barrel of that rifle?   Threaded or what?   Just wondering?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you guys got the paper work righteous before y'all started building that thing.

Pedro said...

I live in Australia.

I will probably go to jail for even looking at that suppressor, much less lusting after it.

The weird thing is, about thirty years ago, they were legal and could be bought in Woolworths. Now you would get the whole SWAT/black helicopter treatment if you owned one.


Firehand said...

Fire, what'd you get?

Marty, it's threaded. In fact, it's an old British rifle, and the muzzle was threaded when he ran across it.

Anony, you better believe it. He's a NFA licensed gunsmith(link to him on the sidebar, Truitt & Son), and he got the license before he did more than think about the design.

Pedro, weird, isn't it? Used to be able to buy then in the US at the hardware store, now it's the whole license and transfer tax and whatever or go to jail. For that matter, takes that kind of mess to get a .22 rifle in Britain, but getting a moderator for it? No big deal, it seems. Strange indeed.

tom said...

People have been prosecuted for PAINT BALL GUN AND AIRSOFT SUPRESSORS, if you want to get into the truly silly. Apparently they could be installed on firearms of similar caliber or modified to fit.