Friday, April 10, 2009

Directly connected to the Mexican Gun Lie,

Kevin has this:
The gun shown here, a Webley, is up for sale in London for £150, one of hundreds of such weapons that are easily and cheaply available on the streets of the UK's big cities, a Guardian investigation can reveal.

The variety of weapons on offer in Britain is extensive and includes machine guns and shotguns, as well as pistols and converted replicas. A source close to the trade in illegal weapons contacted by the Guardian listed a menu of firearms that are available on the streets of the capital.

"You can get a clean [unused] 9mm automatic for £1,500, a Glock for a couple of grand and you can even make an order for a couple of MAC-10s," he said. "Or you can get a little sawn-off for £150. They're easy enough to get hold of. You'll find one in any poverty area, every estate in London, and it's even easier in Manchester, where there are areas where the police don't go.
But it is the arrival of eastern European weapons that, alongside a homegrown industry in converting them, has contributed to the firearms glut
As Kevin notes, As I have noted previously, the argument you hear most often by The Other Side is that "lax gun laws" in adjacent jurisdictions are the reason that "reasonable gun control" laws don't, you know, actually work. It's too easy, they say, for people to just drive across the state, county, or city line and buy what they're prohibited from having where they live.

The UK is a FREAKING ISLAND, one with uniform, draconian gun laws - gun laws that the Million Mommies said they wanted to implement here, and THEY CAN'T KEEP THE GUNS OUT
According to Dyson, the latest "weapon of choice" is a Russian 8mm Baikal self-defence pistol, originally used for firing CS gas. "They are legally sold in Germany and won't fire a bullet but they can be converted by removing the partially blocked barrel, and replacing it with a rifled barrel," he said. "After other small alterations, it can then fire 9mm bulleted ammunition. The replacement barrel is longer than the original, and is threaded so that it will accept a silencer, which is commonly sold as part of the package.

"There are hundreds of these floating around and hundreds have been seized," he said. "They look the part as they are based on the Russian military Makarov pistol. If you are a 20-year-old drug dealer and you want a gun, that is what you will get and it will cost about £1,000 to £1,500."
In, as Kevin notes, an island with nasty personal-disarmament laws. The silencer is 'commonly part of the package'.

Read the whole thing, including this part at the end:
You don't ever think a shooting will happen in your life. It's all down to guns, just guns."

The Guardian's source said that guns were becoming a first rather than a last recourse. "A gun used to be used as a mediator; now everything is revolved with a gun. It's brought the heat on everyone. Before you would get a two [years jail sentence], now it's a five. It's getting like the US now, like The Wire. It's like a prediction of what will happen here. I think they all think they're playing Grand Theft Auto. It's madness out there."

They seem to be catching on to something: that it's the mental attitude of the people involved that's behind this; and yet they still blame the objects involved, instead of the people. Just so much easier than starting to hold individuals responsible for what they do, I guess.

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