Saturday, April 11, 2009

'New surrender monkey on the block'

Updated: link is actually there, now

More on this later, but you can read it now. Anything that starts off
President Barack Obama has recently completed the most successful foreign policy tour since Napoleon's retreat from Moscow.
is worth looking at.

Further update: now that I've got time
Barack is not the first New World ingenue to discover that European leaders will load him with praise, struggle sycophantically to be photographed with him and outdo him in Utopian rhetoric. But when it comes to the critical moment of opening their wallets - suddenly it is flag-day in Aberdeen. Okay, put the G20 down to inexperience, beginner's nerves, what you will.
"All hail President Obama, one of Us! Wait a minute, you want us to actually do what you want? Screw that."

On to Nato and the next big objective: to persuade the same European evasion experts that America, Britain and Canada should no longer bear the brunt of the Afghan struggle virtually unassisted. The Old World sucked through its teeth, said that was asking a lot - but, seeing it was Barack, to whom they could refuse nothing, they would graciously accede to his wishes.

So The One retired triumphant, having secured a massive contribution of 5,000 extra troops - all of them non-combatant, of course - which must really have put the wind up the Taliban, at the prospect of 5,000 more infidel cooks and bottle-washers swarming into the less hazardous regions of Afghanistan
Because while they know something desperately needs to be done, damned if they'll have anything to do with, you know, actually doing it. Remember the German specops team that had a Taliban bigshot in sight at close range, and let him go because the ROE from their government said they could only arrest him? And could only shoot if they were shot at first? Great way to lose a war, guys. And they're not going to change just because Pres. B. Cartman Obama begs themtells them to.

And on his reaction to the Norks launching,
"Rules must be binding," declared Obama, referring to the fact that Kim had just breached UN Resolutions 1695 and 1718. "Violations must be punished." (Sounds ominous.) "Words must mean something." (Why, Barack? They never did before, for you - as a cursory glance at your many speeches will show.)

President Pantywaist is hopping mad and he has a strategy to cut Kim down to size: he is going to slice $1.4bn off America's missile defence programme, presumably on the calculation that Kim would feel it unsporting to hit a sitting duck, so that will spoil his fun.

Watch out, France and Co, there is a new surrender monkey on the block and, over the next four years, he will spectacularly sell out the interests of the West with every kind of liberal-delusionist initiative on nuclear disarmament and sitting down to negotiate with any power freak who wants to buy time to get a good ICBM fix on San Francisco, or wherever. If you thought the world was a tad unsafe with Dubya around, just wait until President Pantywaist gets into his stride

Wonderful piece. Except for the fact that Obama actually thinks he can word his way through/out of anything. And if he can't, he'll blame it on Bush/conservatives/anybody handy, because of COURSE it couldn't be his fault.

One Big-Ass Mistake, America.


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