Sunday, April 12, 2009

As the man says, 'an attempt at common sense on a university,

opposed by all the usual suspects.'
(No, that's not how he put it, but it covers it).
The Missouri House has passed a bill allowing concealed carry on college campuses in the state. Of course, the universities (or at least U Missouri) respond with the usual idiocy:
Which he then provides samples of. You know, the usual: "Universities should be free from guns(in legal hands)!", etc. Total disregard for non-pc facts, including- as Volokh noted the other day and I ran out of time to point out:
Many universities ban firearms, but some research I’ve been doing reveals that some universities ban firearms and stun guns and chemical defensive sprays, either in dorm rooms or in the university as a whole. This basically leaves students entirely without any defensive weapons, and also has the effect of disarming dorm residents when they go off campus property, since they have no place to store the defensive weapons when they’re back on campus.

This strikes me as quite shocking, especially with regard to women students who are in the age range where the danger of rape is at its highest. The university basically leaves them as sitting ducks, unless they’re willing to violate the university policy. Even if the university tries to compensate by offering a good deal of on-campus policing (some do and some don’t), it surely can’t protect the students when they leave campus
Hell, to a large extent they don't want to be held too strongly to protecting you ON campus(unless it's 'protecting' people from non-existant racism, etc.); why would anyone think they care what happens to you when you step over a line and leave their territory? Some years back, looking through a LE magazine, found an article on crimes on college campuses, and one of the big problems listed was the universities trying very hard to suppress reports of all- but especially serious- crimes, including, in many cases discouraging the campus security people from giving actual figures to local and state agencies; that the crimes happened was 'regrettable', but having people actually know about them was downright horrible. In an atmosphere like that, not only is allowing students effective means of self-defense not PC, successful defenses are much harder to cover up than non-dead victims(dead ones having a horrible habit of producing bereaved families and such).

And, as the man points out, this excuse for opposing the measure
"Watring said…that the biggest concern with the concealed carry provision is the tactical problems it would create, such as the ability for police to identify a suspect in a situation where many people are carrying weapons."
That’s not an argument against allowing guns on campus. There is nothing unique about a college campus in that regard. It’s an argument against allowing concealed carry anywhere. Which is, of course, what many law-enforcement types would like, because it gives them more power over the sheep.

Good article, well worth checking out.

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