Monday, April 13, 2009

On all the congratulations currently being given to the President

for the pirates being whacked, I now find that not only did he wait a damn long time to give the order to go ahead, but it was interestingly limited:
What they saw was the head and shoulders of two of the pirates emerging from the rear hatch of the lifeboat. Through the window of the front hatch they saw the third pirate, pointing his AK-47 at the back of Captain Phillips, who was seen to be tied up.
That was it: the provocation that fulfilled the president's order to act only if the captain's life was in imminent danger, and the opportunity of having clear shots at each captor. The order was given. Senior defense officials, themselves marveling at the skill of the snipers, said each took a target and fired one shot.
Ok, so we've got pirates who attacked a ship, took the captain hostage, and when the President finally gave approval to act is was ONLY on that condition that the action was allowed.

And I'll bet he was upset that the captain wasn't injured to prove the need to fire.(why no, I'm not feeling generous toward the President on this)

Yeah, Jimmy Carter II.


M. Derosier said...

Honestly, I think that calling obama Jimmy Carter II is an insult to Jimmy Carter. Carter, at least, didn't run up a huge deficit in his first hundred days in office.

flockofone said...

Wow, very brave to give our military forces rules of engagement exactly that of a new police academy graduate.

The application of civilian rules to a military problem astounds me.

TexasFred said...

Obama could f*ck up a one car funeral procession!

Fire said...

I'm not feeling generous toward the President, either. I'm quite certain I will NEVER feel generous toward him.

OH, MAN! There goes the stomach again. He makes me sick.