Monday, July 14, 2008

Yeah, it's Monday

This getting home late and up early stuff sucks. Especially when you've gotten into the habit of checking news after you become conscious. Such as:
Canada isn't the only place with media/government problems. In this particular case, it's not PC motivated, it's 'politicians covering ass by threatening media' motivated.

Remember the Obamessiah's 'Presidential' seal? Well, the ego on this clown could sink a battleship by sheer weight:
In a speech in Madison, Wis., Obama told his supporters that rallying to his cause was today’s equivalent of the “greatest generation” rallying to defeat Hitler and Tojo. Oprah merely calls him, “The One,” saying he will help us “evolve to a higher plane.”
If McCain or most anyone else said this kind of crap, they'd be roasted in the media; but our major media is still collectively getting a thrill up their leg(as in 'wetting our pants like excited little kids') about Barack Hussein Obama, so that won't happen. And the noted comment demonstrates that Oprah doesn't need to lose weight, she needs to get rid of fat in her brain. 'The One'? She's freakin' nuts.

Oh, and if the Barack ever actually comes up with a 'war plan' we can understand, let alone actually use, it'll be amazing.

Saw a commercial the other day about a series HBO is doing called 'Generation Kill', about our troops. According to this, my fears appear to be right.

Oh yeah, Schumer says "It's not MY fault"(big surprise). The problems at the place go way back; that doesn't mean Schumer's actions had no effect. I think the man is either flat stupid, or actually wanted to make sure the place failed. The man is on the Banking Committee; he has to know that if he sends a letter like that to the public, it's going to make things worse, which means either A: stupid or B: wanted it to happen.

Insty has a BUNCH of stuff on The Obama and his past in this post.

Pennsylvania Democrat party has a problem.

Further PSH on display.

Geez, things are interesting all over.

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Daniel Newby said...

I like what Schumer did.

IndyMac's collapse was predictable and predicted a year or more ago, when they were writing loans that could not possibly be repaid. The banking regulators knew and did nothing. By the time they put IndyMac under closer supervision, things were well beyond the point of no return. They fully intended to stand by wringing their hands until the moment before IndyMac started bouncing checks.

And this was not a secret. Sufficient information to predict their collapse has been public all along. All Schumer did was explain it in plain language to a large audience.

What should scare you is that IndyMac is the tip of the iceberg and Schumer knows it. Many of the giants of banking are, in fact, bankrupt right now. We are rapidly approaching a point where an influential politician could publish a list of Banks Whose Public Filings Show They Are Toast and provoke a general run, complete with an unplanned national bank holiday. Best keep a few days worth of expenses in cash.