Saturday, July 19, 2008

Barack I Am The Obama was supposedly looking at MA governor

Patrick as a veep choice; yeah, Senator "I love the 2nd Amendment now, don't misunderstand what I said and did before" and Patrick would get along great:
...Within this bill sections 24 - 27 drastically increase certain firearm licenses.

Sections 24 & 25 attack lawfully licensed firearm dealers by increasing their license fees from $100 for three years to $250. Then it adds a $100 inspection fee in years two and three of the license. This tactic would now turn a $100 three year dealer's license into a $450 three year license.

Section 26 would increase a resident License to Carry fee from $100 for six years to $200 for six years.

Section 27 would increase a non-resident License to Carry fee from $100 for one year to $250 for one year

Obama: because we really NEED a pair of socialist hoplophobes in the Oval Office.

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GunGeek said...

If Obama were to pick a running from MA, it would probably gain him ZERO votes. I doubt that he would do that.

Look for his veep to be from a large state that was fairly evenly divided in the last two elections.