Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Note: if you need help getting the yard mowed,

don't wait too long.

Lady I work with has health problems and can't mow. The guy who'd done her yard for years is moving on to college(poor bastard), and the new guy recommended has disappeared. So she asked if I could mow it for her to hold it to a reasonable level until she can find someone.

Went over this morning. Let's just say that if the front had been much higher I'd have needed to find a scythe to go over it with before getting out the mower. Nice, thick grass damn near 18" high in a couple of spots. Finished cutting it, could have refilled my compost heap.

Now I need to pull out the belt sander and work on a couple of things. I shall endevour to return later with all my fingers intact.


Mattexian said...

Go back in a couple of days and bail that stuff, then find a cattleman needing to feed his animals (what with the crazy cost of corn, nowadays), Bingo! You're rich!

Anonymous said...

Get a couple of sheep and let them graze. Would be great if they gave milk too.

Firehand said...

Friends of mine have ten acres, partly fenced, and two sheep that run the fenced space; I think they've had to mow twice so far this spring & summer.