Sunday, June 15, 2008

A true 'progressive'(i.e. commie without the cojones to admit it)

bitching and whining, is pointed out by Thud:
The sun now rises on the right and those of us on the other side are left despondent as we anticipate a prolonged winter of discontent. We, who believe in fairness, equality, human rights and universal justice, are of no consequence. The fever of failure consumes our hopes and there is no relief as we witness the collapse of the British Left and the ideals that defined post-war advancement in this country, turning an obstinately class-riven, imperial nation into a model of progressive politics.
That would be the 'progressive politics' that includes virtually banning self-defense, disarming honest citizens, trashing Britain, the 'fairness' of areas where non-muslims go at risk of life(and risk of jail if they talk about it), and a government that refuses to allow a vote on the Lisbon Treaty.
Local election results show the country lurching right, in some parts even embracing the BNP. Instead of condemning the scum, Britons are instructed to "understand" why these voters are "driven" to vote for neo-Nazis. We are simultaneously warned to show no such understanding of young Muslims who are seduced by hate-filled Imams. White resentment of "foreigners" is no more respectable than Muslim hatred of Westerners. Yet in our unequal world it is.
I don't think that whites, in general, resent 'foreigners' as a whole: they DO resent those who come to your country and expect everything to be changed to accommodate THEM, and they're right to resent that, you moron. And I'll point out that it's 'tolerance'(i.e. 'bending over and saying "Forgive us!" to those who want to destroy you) that's driven a bunch of people to consider the BNP.

And, just like the Democrats over here,
Almost more depressing is the sight of black and Asian Britons following the wind blowing the Tories to victory. Boris has recruited Afro Caribbean "leaders" who believe in physical chastisement and smart young Asians who deny the existence of racism and want an end to political correctness. The more old-fashioned Uncle Toms and their female equivalents are now expediently making themselves known to the Tories and right-wing think tanks.
"If you don't think correctly, as WE say you should, you're a race-traitor!" Etc.

If you've got the stomach, read the whole mess: it's a nice picture of the mindset of the 'progressive, socialist' clowns out there who want to surrender to the islamists, and who still think communism is a good idea, it's just that 'TRUE communism hasn't been tried yet/by the 'right' people/in the 'right' way'.


Rustmeister said...

The term "Uncle Tom" is one of the most racist terms in use.

Of course, the people using it would disagree. =)

Anonymous said...

Good God firehand!

Where'd you find that shite?

If the Brits are voting for the Nazis (I wouldn't waste my piss on a burning nazi) it's because they're sick of the other cretins.

Before the first Labour govt was elected, Britain had the biggest economy in the world, full almost employment and no armed crime.

You could build whatever house you wanted, wherever you wanted, and live without contact with Govt.

The vast majority of the population didn't even pay tax.

Try any of that now?


the nazis are just another bunch of big govt cretins like labour, the tories and the rest of them.

Scotland wales and n Ireland all have national socialist arseholes in their assemblies...

Firehand said...

Thud left a comment, I looked at his place and he noted that mess.