Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The trailer-dwelling gentleman also pointed out

a quote to remember:
Just to bring us back to the original article, does anyone hear the not so subtle undercurrent of "once we are in control we won't have to listen to you and your complaining, soon to be too small to care about minority"?

If you read posting from the likes of Dr. Alex T. Riley of Ceasefire-PA, you see that if that day ever comes, all of the "we just want to make everyone safe" BS is over and the "we really want to repeal the Second Amendment" reality will show through.

We should not forget that behind the daffy kumbaya and windchimes silliness of anti-gun liberalism (with apologies to the pro-gun progressive and the four others like him in existence) there is an authoritarian core that longs to have guys in black armor with yellow 3-letter stenciling on the back with guns aimed at us under their control.


staghounds said...

You can't make bad people better inside if you can't put them in Room 101.

Firehand said...

But I don't like the decor in 101!