Sunday, February 03, 2008

I can't decide if Malkin is right with 'let her

rot', or whether it would be better to move directly to a firing squad. Or, preferably, a rope.

Especially after the news of my great-uncle yesterday, I vote for the rope. She actively worked to aid an enemy to this country and cause the death of Americans, and I think that qualifies(and yes, I am working to keep my language clean).

I also think this demonstrates the mind of the idiot-level left in this country. This fool was breaking her word, breaking the law, etc., to help someone who- if in power- would stick her in a burkha, lock her up, punish women for wanting to learn to read, let alone go to school, etc. And yet she thinks she was helping the 'progressive' cause. That's a level of idiot that's hard to understand.

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thud said...

It seems that social trends and fashion leave some concepts like treason behind...mores the shame. Treason was always viewed if anything as worse than murder...she is a traitor and deserves the ultimate sanction.