Friday, December 28, 2007

First off, here's what part of my little pecan tree looked like

after the ice stopped forming:

The ice on top of the husks there is about 1/2" thick. I thought I was going to lose a couple of branches off it, but it held.

Second, I've got to show you the neat flashlight I got for Christmas

My parents ordered it from somewhere. It's a grand total of 1.5" long, 1.25" wide and about 9/16" thick. Two leds on the front instead of bulbs

and a crank on the side to charge it

It says one minute cranking will give about five minutes of light, which seems about right. Not something for a primary emergency light, but damn handy to stick in a glove compartment or console or whatever.


Timmeeee said...

Where can I get one??? !!!

Firehand said...

I asked, they ordered it from the Home Shopping Network, of all places. Got several for various relatives.

Chantria said...

I just saw some like it at Walgreen's. Don't know if the quality is as good, but there you go.

Bob S. said...

Don't forget to charge it up once every 3 months or so, otherwise the rechargeables won't work.
Check the instructions to be sure of the time frame.