Saturday, December 29, 2007

On the subject of boobs,

since Kim brought it up, I'll throw out the following:

I like them.

Pleasing size depends entirely on how they fit the lady in question.

I think that women who get Stetson-size implants, like those on the next-to-last photo in Kim's post, are either making a fortune stripping or have rocks in their heads. Possibly both.

Ladies, if you decide to get a boost, or have a touch of some other cosmetic surgery done because it makes you feel better, you go right ahead. But: if you think that big boobs are required for beauty, you're wrong; or if some male of the species hints- or flat-out says- that you need to get a boob job to make him happy, then you should remove yourself from his presence immediately, because jackass sometimes tends to rub off on you.

And now, having been invited to visit some friends for New Years, no posting barring something I just can't pass up(arrests, illustrations of the above or other big news) till after the first.


Anonymous said...

I find that a happy smiling demeanor is an even larger attention getter than a set of DD bumpers. My own personal tastes lean toward a slim athletic build with smallish hips and chest, with good muscle tone. I have dated girls with larger chests and find that all manner of problems result when attempting anything remotely active. (soccer, rock climbing,running, etc..) That being said, in the end it all comes down to attitude. A genuine sunny disposition is a bigger turn on than anything else I can think of offhand.

The Old Man said...

BOO-YAH!! A sense of humor and red hair spark me more than any other attributes. But I must admit that fondling a (natural) B-cup or greater gives both of us more pleasure. But whaddooIno - been married to the lovely and talented wife over 36 years - she has dyed her hair to please me during this time - and she's always been all-natural-all-the-time. (Not-what-you-need-to-know - she started out in 1971 as an A-cup. We grew together *grin*.

And if she didn't have a sense of humor we wouldn't still be married..