Monday, September 10, 2007

What happens if the terrorists do attack our schools?

Was listening to Glenn Beck earlier today, hearing things I didn't like and reflecting- again- on the long-term consequences if it does indeed happen.

Specifically, he was talking about the plans of some of the nutcase islamic groups- plans hell, the burning desire- to pull a Beslan-style attack in the U.S. Preferably in multiple schools on the same day. Had information I'd not heard before. That there were training tapes found in Afghanistan on making attacks on businesses or offices or schools I knew: that they found, in Iraq, building plans for a half-dozen American elementary schools I did not. Elementary because they want to hit a place where the boys(girls don't count, of course) aren't old enough/big enough to be a threat. He's going to do a show, several episodes during the week, on CNN talking about this, including naming the schools the plans were for.

I have no doubt of this. I'm certain there are a bunch of nutcase islamists out there- who'd get lots of support from millions of 'moderate' muslims- who desperately want, and plan, to do this. They want to get into one of our schools and torture and rape, and in the end kill, every child they can. These- I'll use 'things', as my command of language isn't quite good enough to truly demonstrate what I think of these beings- things would happily die doing this, seeing it as a wonderful demonstration of devotion to their god. As to what will follow if they make such an attack-a serious attempt, let alone a successful attack, they either don't believe what we will do, or they don't care.

A lot of people have written about this before, that these things just don't understand what this country is capable of if pushed to it. Fact is, if the God-cursed lawyers and politicians weren't in the way so much, the situation in Iraq would have been a lot more settled two years ago; among other things, there would have been patrols, ground and air, killing every Iranian who came across the border, followed by press conferences showing the stuff they were smuggling in. I think it was Armed Liberal at Winds of Change who wrote that 'he feared what we would do if struck by such an act'. You know something? I don't fear it. It'll be messy and nasty as hell, but I don't fear it. What I fear is that the likelihood of this happening has been greatly increased by the 'fight when/how will make the critics happy' bullshit. Every time the enemy found they could hide in a mosque and shoot at our troops and get away with it, every time the news announced a lawyer wouldn't let an air strike take out a bunch of the enemy because they were at a friggin' funeral... every time something like this happens, the enemy takes it as proof that we will give up. That we don't have the balls to do what's needed. It encourages them, it makes them believe that they can beat us.

In this country, several things will happen. One- regrettably- is that every mosque that has put out "Yes, terrorism is terrible, but-" statements is liable to go up in flames. In a way I have to admit that wouldn't bother me too much, but other mosques will be attacked, also. Accompanied by other attacks on moslems. Probably not a lot, but in the rage following such an attack, all bets are off. Another is that almost any politician, except those in the most moonbat-infested districts, who says "We must show restraint", or in public says "We're gonna get 'em!" but in private acts to prevent it, is going to pay the price. Preferably only in recalls/losing elections/etc., but I seriously fear some of them might be killed. I think some of these people truly do not understand the level of rage that will come in after such an attack, or else think 'the masses can be controlled'. These 'things' attack a school and kill a bunch of kids, even without the flourishes, and there will be demands for blood. For telling the troops "The gloves are off: find the bastards and kill them, wherever they are." 'Demands' as in "You do this, or we'll drag your ass out of that chair and put somebody in it who will."

As to specifics to various moslem nations, I don't know. That's going to vary. I can see Iran, if their prints are found on it, being- if not having their nuclear program smashed- being cut off: no refined oil products, no anything that can be turned back. Pakistan, Musharraf being told, whether in public or not, "You take out a lot of these people in the tribal areas, or we will. You'll like it better if you do it." Syria, Hamas, Hizballah: can you say 'stomped on'?

I think there are those among the things who don't want this attack to happen: not because of any unwillingness to kill our children, but because they do know what will happen after. And they don't like the idea of being converted to mulch. But they've got an uphill fight against the things who want to spill blood. Preferably on camera to demonstrate their faith.

Somthing else I think will happen in the aftermath of such an attack, is some European countries will cut loose. We'll hear the usual socialists and communists and America-haters basically saying we 'deserved it', but I think it would be the last straw for a lot of people, and it would give some governments the opening they need to stomp on their problems. Of course, it's possible the things would try to include some European schools in the day of terror, in which case... let's just say that a lot of moslems will find out how a lot of these people's ancestors got the reputations they did.

As a side note, I remember when he was putting together a 'man-caused global warming is bs' show, he talked about the huge amount of crap, the lies and roadblocks thrown up by CNN officials and employees to try and prevent it. If not for the crap we've seen out of the major media over the last couple of decades in particular, I wouldn't have believed such a mess would be done. As he put it today, 'if the facts weren't there, if the sources weren't there, if EVERYTHING weren't there, there's not a chance you could get this show through the PC attitudes at CNN'. Need to see if a friend can tape it for me.

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