Monday, September 10, 2007

I forgot to mention Charles Schumer

in my earlier post. Which actually works out ok because that little turd- to borrow Kim's spot-on description- deserves his own mention. Especially after this:
Newsbusters noticed that the speech posted on his website is not the same disgusting speech that Schumer gave to the US Senate. It has been changed.

Which is about par for the course for that vile, lying, cowardly, disgusting little camera-chasing excuse for a man.

Let's not forget hypocrite, too; after all, this little GFW has never seen a firearms ban, tax, licensing scheme, taxing scheme or other restriction that he didn't latch onto while we found out a while back that the chickenshit has a gun license there in NYFC. The kind of license that actually allows him to carry concealed. You know, the kind of thing he says should be banned? Except for him and his little friends, of course.

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