Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This is one of the firearms from former com-bloc countries that have become available. It was the Czech replacement for the CZ-52 pistol as a military sidearm

The -52 was a single-action semi-auto chambered for the 7.62x25mm cartridge, which propelled a 90-grain bullet to about 1400fps. SERIOUS penetration, and a fireball at the muzzle that does indeed get attention at the range. The -82 is smaller(6.77" long, 4.99 high, 1.42 wide), double-action, weighs a shade over 28 oz and is chambered for the 9x18mm cartridge. Where the -82 used a single-stack magazine that holds eight rounds, the -82 uses a double-stack that holds 12.

The -82 has an ambidextrous thumb safety, can be carried cocked & locked, and has white-dot sights. And one interesting characteristic: polygonal rifling. Which at first glance causes it to look like a smoothbore.

Takedown is much like the Makarov and the Walther pistols: drop the magazine, pull down the trigger guard at the front, pull the slide all the way back, lift the back up a bit and ease it forward off the barrel and that's it to field-strip. It feels a lot like those pistols, too. The workmanship seemed quite nice, everything well fitted and smooth working.

About that double-action. Firing the first shot, just pull the trigger or you can cock the hammer first. And, as mentioned, you can carry it condition one(no idea how secure the safety is on this point so cannot say if a good idea or not). Since there's no decocker, to lower the hammer on a live round means holding the hammer spur with one thumb, pulling the trigger and easing the hammer down. Could be just a bit touchy at times.

How'd it work? Quite well. Fired it with some Wolf ball and Silver Bear hollowpoints. Recoil is just like the Makarov, which means- for me- a touch uncomfortable after half a box or so; very snappy. I don't know if something like the Pearce grip that helps on the Mak is available, if it is and I planned on shooting one of these much, I'd get it. Accuracy was much like the Maks I've fired, quite good, especially since this has much better sights than the Mak. At ten yards it printed all shots about two inches below point of aim.

They generally come with a holster designed to allow for either left- or right-hand carry that also holds the extra mag and cleaning rod, I'll try to get a picture of that and add it on later.

Overall, an interesting piece.

Had a chance to try one of these out a couple of weeks ago and with one thing and another finally got around to writing about it.

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doug in colorado said...

Not so hard to let the hammer down if you remember to release the trigger in the middle of the process...that puts the hammer stop into play...

So, grip the hammer tightly, squeeze the trigger, let the hammer come partly forward to where half-cock would be if it had one, release the trigger, then release the hammer and the mechanism prevents the hammer from getting within an eighth of the firing pin.

...practice with it empty of course