Friday, August 11, 2006

I was familiar with some of the mess in education

from my kids and their friends. Now Kevin points to this article by a college professor. There were some positive results, of course. Sixty percent knew Nixon was the president who resigned in office, 95 percent chose Sacramento as their state's capital, and 81 percent more or less knew what the Holocaust referred to. ("When jewes were killed" and "killing of ethnical group" are actual quotes from soon-to-be university grads.) And 76 percent knew what happened on Pearl Harbor Day ("There was a bombing in the shape of a mushroom which killed many people and destroyed lands.")

And that's among the better results... This is among the outcomes we get when we have 'teachers' who are more interested in playing 'esteem' games and getting the right 'feelings' in students than teaching them things like how to read, and write, and history. 'Course, when some of these clowns teach history it's from a politically-correct perspective, of course; can't have the little kids thinking there's something better about Western society than others, or that the US is a better country than anywhere else.

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