Thursday, August 10, 2006

Islam: why it takes several hours to get on a plane,

as Steve put it.

Got up this morning to the news of the Hitler butt-monkey mass-murder wannado members of the ROP wanting to blow up a bunch of planes. Preferably over cities to increase the death count, but over the ocean would have been good enough for them. That's bad.

Just as bad in a way was the level of idiocy from people who were saying that a: there was no real bombing plot, b: this was all cooked up between Bush Chimphitlerburton and his poodle Blair because- and this was REALLY stupid- Leiberman lost the primary in CT the other day and c: they just grabbed some muslims to jail to take attention away from polls on the war. My first exposure to this idiocy- there's got to be a better word for this kind of insanity but I don't know what it is- was listening to Glenn Beck for a while. His first caller of the day hit all the above points ALONG with how this all started because the government bombed the Trade Center so as to have an excuse to invade Afghanistan.

I truly despair for the western countries. We're facing a bunch of child-murdering thugs who want to live in the 7th century and will kill anybody who won't go along, who repeatedly TELL US they want us converted or dead, and people with college educations either don't believe it or make excuses for them. And think the government is so incompetent we can't win in Iraq, while believing it's so devious that it can send a team of engineers and demolition experts into public buildings for a couple of weeks to wire them for demolition and NOBODY will notice either them or the work they're doing AND keep the whole thing secret for years.

And the people who believe these things think they're so superior in intellect and ability that they should be ruling over governing us all. For our own good, of course.

In one of David Drake's books a character refers to some people in Turkey as having 'no connection to civilization beyond knowing how to fire a machine gun', I think was the phrase. Here we've got people who don't WANT any connection to modern life other than methods to kill as many unbelievers as possible; and if some believers get in the way, well, they'll be considered martyrs so it's no problem to kill them too. The Iranians working like hell to get some nukes are of the same type- in some cases the same people- who sent herds of children in front of combat troops so the kids would set off the mines during the war with Iraq. We've got subhumans who think dressing their kid up as a suicide bomber is good training for his future(I don't give a rat's ass if you don't like the phrasing, as far as I'm concerned people who do this ARE subhuman).

We've got 'moderate' muslims who do one of two things: make excuses for the murderers or refuse to speak of them at all, and then bitch and whine that people don't trust them. People, if you want to be trusted STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR MURDERERS AND TORTURERS. For the most part nobody would give a damn what your religeon was, but by your actions you both draw attention to it and give people reason not to trust you.

Couple all this with a bunch of people in government who would rather see a mass murder occur in this country than be accused of bigotry by CAIR for daring to say "Muslims who support jihadi terrorists are part of the enemy".

I think it was Beck who pointed out that muslims who do NOT agree with the murderers need to get off their ass and start reporting the dirtbags in their mosque planning terror and stop making excuses for them, or they're going to wind up in the same position as the Americans of German descent who were big supporters of the German-American Bund in WWII. It wasn't pleasant.

And there was a lot of talking about the apparent liquid or gel explosives the terrorists planned to use. There are so many possible ways to make an incindiary or explosive out of common stuff, along with the more exotic materials, it'll be difficult to screen out. I remember reading that during WWII the OSS used an explosive that had been developed to be hard to spot; it looked like, and apparently smelled like, flour. They even baked a cake with some to demonstrate it. But add a detonator... It would help if, with that idiot Minetta gone, the airport security people would trash the politically-correct feeling-up of women and searching of grandmas, but I'm not holding out much hope.

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