Monday, August 07, 2006

I did go back

to the gun show Sunday. And my favorite ammo dealer(the bastard) made me a deal on some stuff, so I wound up getting more than I'd planned on. And damn near a hernia carrying it out. He threw in a can opener, too. Very handy, since I'd loaned mine to a friend and keep forgetting to get it back.

His .308 and .223 military ball had mostly evaporated. He said he'd brought in a pallet of mixed stuff Sunday morning, and by the time I got there(it opened at 9:30 or ten, I got there about eleven) all the .308 and most of the .223 was gone. His last can of Polish 7.62x54R ball went right after I walked by, and when I wandered back a bunch of other stuff was gone, too.

One guy had a Romanian PSL sniper rifle, their version of the Russian SVD. I'd kind of like to have one, but the guy wanted $900 for it, and that's far too high.

I noticed that between the time I left Saturday and the time I arrived Sunday most of the reasonably-priced SKS rifles were gone, what was left was Norinco and Russian models at $300+.

Only thing I didn't see that I was looking for was some cleaning jags, but local places carry those; just thought I'd look while there. Overall, not a bad show for a moderate-size one this time of year.

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