Wednesday, September 28, 2005

One thing for sure, and more questions in NO

From Say Uncle we hear that Compass, head of the NOPD has resigned. He also notes that the mayor and Compass are both denying that any confications of guns took place, despite videotaped incidents and some guns being returned.

Now another thing. I heard a report on the radio today that the FBI was investigating the NOPD officers who 'disappeared' during/after Katrina, and discovered that many of them did not exist. I've read that the British army used to have a problem with officers keeping men killed/invalided out on the rolls and keeping their pay; if this is true in NO, then someone has been keeping the pay and benefits of the nonexistent officers. That's a damn lot of money over time, and I wonder what may turn out to be Compass' part in this? He may not be involved, but the sudden retirement makes me wonder. Combine this with the large pile of excrement falling on him and the mayor and the PD over the lousy response to Katrina and the confiscations... Someone is in a heap of trouble.

Just found these: in light of the information in the second link following, even if it wasn't someone in a position of authority pocketing money from the pay of nonexistent officers, the question(along with the fraud involved) is, were any of these retired and reserve officers collecting active-duty officer pay? Michelle Malkin has more information on the retirement here, and links to this. Money quote: "Fox News' Tony Snow has said that of the 1700 police working for New Orleans, maybe only 1000 really exist."

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