Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rifle postal match entries

Had a chance to get to the range today, and was able to shoot entries for the Looter Shooter match. Just to get the heart pumping a bit, I went to the frame and set up a target, walked back putting in my earplugs as I went, picked up the rifle and loaded, then dropped to kneeling behind the bench and fired, except for the 25 yard target; the range doesn't allow rifles on the 25 yard line, so I set it up at 50, walked back 25 paces, loaded and fired from kneeling First is with my SKS at 25 yards:

I make it 89 points.

Next, SKS at 50. I actually shot this one first:

89 points. I didn't notice until after I got home that I only loaded 9 rounds on this one. This was explained by the loose cartridge in the pouch, having slipped out of the stripper when I pulled it out. Dammit.

Last is the M1 at 50 yards:

91 points. On it I loaded, fired off the 8-round clip, reloaded and fired two more. I really like shooting this rifle, and it just seems to get better with time.

Lastly, just for fun, I set one up at 10 yards and hit it with an Enfield .38 revolver with some loads I was testing, shooting from behind a post:

I pulled two high, just outside the scoring ring.

Oh, Mr. Analog Kid? At 50 yards your !(*&*#$^% little duckie is a small, yellow blur.

I don't think I'm winning any prizes with these, but the looters are DRT.