Friday, September 30, 2005

Damn, Microlon is good stuff!

I've written about it in bores and in my bike. I've used it on trigger parts and slide rails. And a while back I decided to treat my loading dies with it. Take them apart, clean thoroughly, and then give them the five-coat treatment. Made a noticable difference in the force needed to run cases through.

After range day, between what I shot and picked up, I had over a hundred .30-06 cases to resize/deprime. Yesterday I lubed them(I've been using Lee lube), and tonight I ran them through. About halfway through I noticed that several cases took more effort than the others to run into and back out of the die. Then I really looked at the one I'd just resized. Then I looked at the rest of that group. Yeah, I'd missed lubing about ten cases, and six of these I resized before I noticed it. And none stuck.

If you don't reload, let me tell you this is a wonderful thing! Usually, if you forget to lube one case it gets stuck in the die(exception is made for carbide or titanium nitride dies), and you have to do some nastiness and swearing to get it out. And it usually ruins the case. Yet I ran a half-dozen cases through, one after the other, and none stuck.

This stuff ain't cheap, but for gun stuff at least it's worth every penny.

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