Sunday, July 03, 2005

Why I refuse to argue with some people

Was over at Dean Esmay and found(among other interesting things) this on that friggin' idiot Molly Ivins, and this, which starts with :
"Those of us who supported the liberation of Iraq from fascist tyranny are often exhausted by false claims of those who opposed that action. It's not the disagreement we can't stand, it's the outright false statements."

The idiocy of Ivin's statements stands on its own; anyone who actually believes that crap is not worth arguing with. That's not a statement I make often, because almost anyone is worth arguing with; either you might tell them something they don't know, or vice versa. But those who are locked into the "We're doing terrible things and BUSH LIED!" line flat won't listen to you, and I'm tired of hearing that crap. And Dean hits on what I'm seriously sick of: lies being repeated over and over by people who probably know they're not true but use them anyway. Or who think that getting rid of Saddam and whacking terrorists is a good thing, but flat cannot stand the idea that it's Bush at the head of it, so it must be condemned.

I could not/cannot stand Bill Clinton, but I thought acting in the Balkans was the right thing to do. I was really pissed at the way he did it, and the restrictions our forces were under, and bitched about it at the time, but I acknowledged that it was the right thing to do(I was REALLY pissed that the Europeans bitched and moaned about what was happening there, but they and the U.N. did nothing- except pass resolutions, of course). What gets me about the current situation is that people who claim to be for individual rights, who claim to be for free elections, who claim to be for freedom, curse us for actually doing something about the Taliban, about Saddam, and about the Islamic fascists; people who are for gay rights condemn us for taking out a regime that murdered homosexuals as a matter of course; people who call themselves 'progressives' who defend the worst mass murderers of current and some past history.

And I could tolerate arguing with some of them, except for the attitude they tend to have that you're just too stupid to really understand why they're right. I have quite happily called some people idiots or stupid for the words and ideas they throw out, because I thought those words/ideas were stupid. I did not think of them/treat them as too retarded to think. If you can't understand the difference, go away.

This is just a general rant, set off by reading that crap that Ivins spewed, which made me think of the crap coming out of Kennedy and Pelosi and Reid, and which just ruined my damn mood.

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