Sunday, July 03, 2005

Oh God, Britain's about to flush itself down the pipes

Over at Captain's Quarters is this, linking to a newspaper article on how Britain is working on- planning on- ways to ration energy. Not only to businesses, but to every subject in Britain. Ration cards for energy. Get this:

"The virtues of the scheme, according to Mr Blair's "green" advisers, the Sustainable Development Commission, are that it would provide a "virtually guaranteed" way of reducing fossil fuel emissions by 60 per cent by 2050.
That is the amount scientists say is necessary to avoid "unacceptable" climate change, such as the switching-off of the Gulf Stream, the melting of the Greenland glaciers and the die-back of the Amazon rain forest."

I'll get to the 'virtually guaranteed' in a minute, but for now... "SWITCHING-OFF OF THE GULF STREAM"?!?! What kind of idiocy IS this? And these clowns are advisors to the Prime Minister of Britain? And he LISTENS to this crap?

And now, 'virtually guaranteed'... Unless they use this rationing to cut the amount of energy people will be allowed to use over time, there's no damn way they can 'virtually guarantee' this will cut emissions by 60% by 2050; and if they do that, they can kiss their economy goodbye, because without increasing energy use, their economy cannot grow. Nobody's can. And from the sound of this, I would bet they are planning to do just that; after all, the commoners cannot be trusted to use energy in the correct way, now can they, so we must reduce the amount available to them to misuse, don't you know?

I stand by what I've said in the past; I give Tony Blair credit for being smart enough to know we have to deal with the Islamo-fascists now, but in all other ways he's still a statist tyrant who wants government controlling all aspects of life.

And just to add to this mess:
"It would be a criminal offence for anyone to buy a non-domestic knife from an unlicensed shop, and sellers would have to record the buyer's name, address and age."
In freakin' SCOTLAND, for God's sake!
This was found over at Ravenwood's Universe, post here and the full article here.

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