Sunday, May 22, 2005

She's named

The pup, that is. I think it'll be Cuchullain. No, I don't know for sure where to put the proper markings in the name, yes it's Irish, yes the legends were about a male. The name itself means 'hound of the forge', so it seems appropriate. I can always call her Cooky for short, which would eliminate my having to speak like I have a clogged throat when I call her.

She's settled in very well, and she and the older dog have worked out any differences. Occasionally the older one snarls for real when she's pushed, but what would you expect? They work it out.

Now to get her used to riding in the truck and walking on a leash.


chaos said...

Good name, I love Celtic mythology and the like.. but I could never figure out how to pronounce it.

Firehand said...

I think whoever put these names into writing for us didn't want to make things easy. Best way I've seen it is 'cu hoo linn'.

Part of the trouble too is local dialect. I was at Irish Festival in Dallas one year and showed someone a knife I copied from an old woodcut of Irish warriors. Somebody listening corrected my pronunciation of 'sgian'(skeen, basically), having spent several months recently in Ireland. Over the next two hours three other people corrected it too- all of them differently.

charlie said...

hi firehand,
please do yourself a favour and check out `cuchulain` under
and you´ll learn how powerfull that name is

really enjoy your post

regards charlie
(former denizen of the cooley peninsula)

Firehand said...

Never seen that site before Charlie, thanks

Gregory Frost wrote a book titled 'Tain', basically a retelling of the Tain Bo Cualinge, the Cattle Raid of Cualinge, and it's a marvelous book. I think it's where I first heard the name.