Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I should have mentioned this place before

Babalu Blog, run by Val Prieto. Various and sundry good stuff, and something in particular; he calls fidel castro and his suckups on their lies and abuses. Just start at the top and scroll down.

Also, on the subject of murdering dictators and their suckups, over at Dean Esmay is this wonderful rundown of why Che Guevara should be remembered as the murdering cockroach he was, and why people who wear his image on shirts and idolize him are at best fools and at worst enablers of murder.

You know, for all the crap about communism being about the 'commoners' rising up, che was from a well-off family, and went to-and graduated from- medical school; not exactly a poor, oppressed campesino.

Bleah, thinking about people idolizing these pukes makes me need to wash my mouth out with something. Or go to the bathroom and express my opinion of them.

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