Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mmmmmm, bread...

Ever had Irish soda bread? I have, and I'd always thought that it was one reason why the Irish are so ready to fight; if that dry crap was a bit part of your diet, you'd be in a bad mood too.

However, I was over at Is Full of Crap the other day, and in the comments of a post on buttermilk was a recipe for soda bread. It's nice & simple, and wouldn't take long, so after I finished baking a .22 pistol(different story), I mixed it up and threw it in the oven. Forty minutes later, oh, yeah! Good texture, good flavor, not dry enough to act as a dehumidifier. Dinner that night was slices of this with cheese and leftover roast. Oh, yeah.

And the rest of the site is good, too.

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