Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Followup to BAG purchase

Went back to the shop to look for a 12guage cleaning jag and while browsing around, what did I find? I found a Benelli magazine extension for it, and at a better price before the discount than I'd found anywhere else. So it came home with me.

No, I can't post a picture of the dressed-up scattergun. I don't have a digital camera, and won't be able to borrow the one I usually use for a while.

Dammit, I need a camera. A friend who works in a camera store showed me a Fuji that's really nice, but-especially after the Nova- out of reach for a while. I had a thought I might try to raise money like Sondra K, selling advertising on my butt. However...

I don't own a thong, I wouldn't admit it if I did, and all a picture of that would do is cause people to never come back. Hmmm... Hey! How about "If you send me money for a camera, I WILL NOT post a picture of my butt in a thong!" Would that work?

Hell no. Again, all my readers(all five of you) would speak words of upset and never come back. Dammit.

Hey, Sondra?...


og said...

Maybe you could sell utilikilt ads.

Ozarks Nick said...

Just FYI, if you're not too picky about cameras and just want something that'll take good photos and will last a fair while check out the older Canon A40s. Plenty enough camera for 5x7s maybe even 8x10 prints. Built a little better than the newer "A" series point and shoots from Canon.

And they're available from places like keh.com and ebay for about $80.

I had the A10, which is even older than the A40, for four or five years. And would still have it, except that it got slammed in the car door. They take great photos.

Firehand said...

Thanks Nick, I'll have to check it out.

curmudgeon said...

Speaking of Fuji, I bought one almost a year ago. I love it, but it wasn't all that cheap.
It is the 'FinePix S5100'. Great pictures.
Here are a a couple examples I have on my website:

Ignore the part about me not being that good of photographer, I just like to take pictures.

Here are the pages on my site where I have these pictures:

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