Monday, January 03, 2005

Unfortunately, I was wrong

The death toll now stands officially at 155,000, with many thousands still missing.


I'd thought it might well hit 150,000, but figured that would probably be it. Instead, it's over that and climbing.

If I personally meet one of those people saying "Isn't this COOL? Isn't nature culling the herd WONDERFUL?" I may shoot them.


rmacapobre said...

countries with a coast should be prepared. here is an article i read ... Expert: I tried to warn of tsunami

what i HATE to hear is some religious folks moslems and christians claiming it was their god (allah and jesus i suppose) who is responsible. divine wrath. somewhat like saying they deserved it ..

Firehand said...

I can, intellectually, understand what someone like that is saying. I reject it.

I have an odd relationship with God; I think there is such a being(?) but at times I'm not overly fond of him. In any case, saying that God would do something like this to 'punish' someone, caring not about all the innocents also hurt, to me is saying that their god is not worth worshipping.